Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, it's 2009 and here we go! I hope it brings more stability to the world, and my life.

I closed out 2008 on a very relaxed note. I was glad to finally be working, happy that we have a roof over our heads, food in the house and regular paychecks coming in. Those might seem pretty basic but in these uncertain economic times I have started to view things a bit differently and be thankful for what we have, not grumble about material things that I might view as missing.

2008 found us growing some food, in a somewhat haphazard beginners way, but we had fresh tomatoes all summer so I can't complain. We're making plans to expand our crop and even have someone lined up to finish the greenhouse so we can be ready for Spring.

We are hoping to do some traveling in 2009, both back to the US for visits with family and friends and who knows what else. Dec 31 brought a flood of memories from a Hawaiian vacation I took about 20 years ago. A cousin and her family were there and described their wonderful adventures in her annual holiday update, which made me a bit envious. I would love to go back there and see things I missed the first time around. I also want to get back to London and Paris at some point and maybe venture to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lofty goals, perhaps, but I think I have time.

We're hoping to get some home improvement projects ramped up around the house too. I of course want to get things going in the gardens as well as updating/upgrading the inside of the house. It can't be done overnight but I don't want to wait until the time comes to sell and all of a sudden it is refreshed just the way we like it, just in time to move. I did that once and will never let that happen again. Refresh NOW so we can enjoy it!

2008 brought a lot of new friends in Canada and we are starting to feel that we really fit in here. We have had to adjust to the West Coast a bit but I suspect that would be the same if we had moved to California or Washington. At times we still question whether we made the right decision to move but we have to shake off any doubts and move ahead. At least we have free unlimited long distance calling to the US, something we use quite a bit.

I hope this finds your 2009 off to a good start and wish you nothing but the best for the new year!

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