Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, things are back to normal in the weather department. The rain has subsided, I was able to get to work last Friday, finally, and the power has been back on for a few days. Life, once again, is good.

Actually, it was warm enough today that I washed my car! It was foggy all day, with a very light mist in the air, but that did not deter me from my task. My car has now gone from brown to the original Aquamarine. I'm quite happy about that. Dixon washed his car on Saturday so the inside of the garage is looking all sparkly with those two clean cars. We know it won't last but they were SO dirty it was getting to us big time. Afterward we took time to take stock of the gardens and explore the lower half of the yard. No flowers in the garden, yet, but there are so many shades of green and yellow foliage that it really is looking pretty colorful. The heather are just starting to bloom so our resident hummingbirds should have another food source quite soon.

Early in the day we managed to get into Victoria for some light shopping and, even with the fog/mist, it really was a very nice day. And I can tell that the days are getting longer. Time to do some seed shopping online and start planning for additions to the gardens this Spring. AND we have someone coming over this week to - HOPEFULLY - get the greenhouse electric hooked up! WOO HOO!

French Toast for supper tonight! Life sure is looking good lately!

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