Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's just get over this, eh?

"HAVANA – Raul Castro says Barack Obama seems like a good guy, and his brother Fidel says no one can doubt his sincerity. The new U.S. president wants to sit down and negotiate, and is in a better position to do so than any other since Eisenhower.

But making up is hard to do. To restore relations and end the U.S. embargo, Obama would have to drop demands for democracy on the island, or Cuba would have to accept them — both unlikely scenarios."

OK, here are my thoughts on the US and Cuba. Drop the embargo and let's just get on with life! The US makes such a big deal out of Cuba being communist but where does the US stand with China? Hmmmm.....China is COMMUNIST yet is labeled a preferred trading partner. The US buys, or bought, BILLIONS of dollars of goods, some bad, from China yet nothing from Cuba. US citizens can travel to China, but not Cuba? Those tourist dollars would go a hell of a long way in Cuba although I don't know how many babies you can "adopt" in Cuba like you can in China.

One of my dreams, now living in Canada, is to be able to travel to Cuba and learn about their culture. And I know the money I would spend there would go a long way toward helping people out. I hope President Obama will correct the US policy and allow travel and trade with Cuba. That doesn't make me a communist, just a person with a conscience.

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karengberger said...

I just stopped by from "The Jason Show." You are living in my favorite place in the world! We try to visit the west coast of Vancouver Island at least once a year (we live in WA), and have spent most of our anniversaries at the Harbor House. You have landed in a wonderful place! I hope you make time to go up to Tofino, and enjoy the many fantastic restaurants in Victoria. ENJOY! Blessings to you.