Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cut off!

We have two choices, as far as getting to work, and both are flooded this morning! One road has two feet of water on it, hence the "Road Subject to Flooding" signs, and the other route has also been closed due to flooding. This leave NO option for us, or thousands of others, for getting to Victoria. I just spoke to a co-worker who lives out our way and another section of East Sooke Road is almost impassable due to a "river of water" coming off a hill and heading to the shoreline of Sooke Basin. Oy!

And the rain/wind continues...


Canada Calling said...

Sorry about the flooding. All the snow from our mountain is melting down and rolling right out to the sea (read:Sooke, but I got to drive to my house for the first time yesterday, instead of parking and walking in because of the snow.

West End Bob said...

Now wait just a damn minute.

Whatever happened to the Chamber of Commerce's "Sunny Sooke" tag line? 'Wass up with this flooding thing?

Today we're getting MAJOR winds in The West End.

The "moderate" climate description for southern BC doesn't quite fit this year, does it ? ? ? ?