Monday, June 29, 2009

Where has the time gone???

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on here!

We've been keeping very busy in the yard at home. We've moved a few more things around, gotten rid of some dead stuff and added more to the yard. We have at least 50 tomatoes in the greenhouse (little green ones), the hot peppers are taking off and there are a few that are almost an inch long! I transplanted the watermelon plants and we can almost stand and see them grow right before our eyes! The strawberry plants I salvaged from the front garden have given us about 10 berries (!), which are pretty small, but WOW do they taste good! I can't wait for NEXT year's crop!

We finally got off our butts and took the dog on a 5 kilometre hike Sunday, on the Galloping Goose regional trail, then SURPRISE came home and did more work in the yard!

I was watering some shrubs today (no rain to amount to anything in five weeks) and one of the hummingbirds from our yard decided to take a 'bath' in the stream of water I was projecting from the hose! I never knew they would do something like that and I just froze and stood there and watched as it hovered just above the water stream and occasionally dipped down into the water. It was very cool to watch, and I even have a witness if any of you don't believe me.

Work is just fine. We seem to be bucking the trend and are increasing readership, which is good for job security. Two people I know work for AIG in the US and I found out one is done in September and the other in November. They are a married couple and recently purchased a home so I really feel bad for the uncertainty that must be oozing into their lives.

Part of the reason I am not posting so much is that I am on Facebook and seem to spend a bit too much of my online time there. It's great for connecting with friends and family, not quite as 'teen' as My Space, and I even located a few names from my past on there.

It's been somewhat on the cool side here, aside from a few days in the low 90's a few weeks ago, but I am hopeful that with the turning of the calendar to July temps will start to rise. The weatherman said by later this week we'll be in the C20's/F70's so hope springs eternal.

All is well with our health, and with the dog and cat. I hope this finds all of you out there well also.