Friday, May 30, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm.....

OK, I just read this online and could NOT pass up the opportunity to post and share with all my readers. Feel free to comment!!

Japan man discovers woman living in his closet

Fri May 30, 9:25 AM

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese man who was mystified when food kept disappearing from his kitchen, set up a hidden camera and found an unknown woman living secretly in his closet, Japanese media said on Friday.

The 57-year-old unemployed man of Fukuoka in southern Japan called police on Wednesday when the camera sent pictures to his mobile phone of an intruder in his home while he was out on Wednesday, the Asahi newspaper said on its Website.

Officers rushed to the house and found a 58-year-old unemployed woman hiding in an unused closet, where she had secreted a mattress and plastic drink bottles, the Asahi said. Police suspect she may have been there for several months, the paper said.

"I didn't have anywhere to live," the Nikkan Sports tabloid quoted the woman as telling police.

Local police confirmed that they had arrested a woman for trespassing, but would not comment further on the case.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whale Watching.

This past weekend was Victoria Day holiday weekend. We had a friend visit us from Chicago and on Saturday we went whale watching with Sooke Coastal Explorations (250-642-2343). We were out on the boat, a Hurricane high speed zodiac, for about three hours and we saw a transient pod of killer whales with maybe 8-12 members, one of which was a huge male. We spotted them just off Victoria, actually closer to Washington, I think, and we watched them for about an hour. It was a very cool experience and I would completely recommend Sooke Coastal Explorations for a great trip. Russ, our guide, was very knowledgeable and didn't dump one of us overboard. HA! The water was smooth as glass on our way out and we were traveling at a very high rate of speed, which was a blast! When we met up with the pod of Orca we drifted a bit and observed and Russ was just full of fantastic information about the whales and the area. On the way back to Sooke Harbor we stopped briefly at Race Rocks and learned about the lighthouse and the migrating Sea Lions and Seals that had taken up temporary residence on some of the rocky islands. We didn't get too close and that probably was a good thing because when we drifted downwind of them we were treated firsthand to the intense stench that these marine mammals create. YIKES!!! The ride back to Sooke Harbor was rough because the wind had picked up but I was laughing so much at riding the waves and occasionally getting launched off my seat. I usually get very bad motion sickness but on this trip I was fine and had a great time!! Maybe it was the two Dramamine I took about an hour before we left? Hmmmm....Motoring past a dock in Sooke Basin.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I found this on another blog and just had to share. Art like this I can really appreciate - it's different, public and BIG! I love it. Must be the quirky side of me that it appeals to.

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra is back with a new environmental art project called ‘Art Eggcident’ in Leeuwarden, a city in the north of the Netherlands.

Several large eggs (each 100 feet wide) were spread on th Zaailand, one of the largest city squares in the Netherlands.

‘The eggs’ will remain in Leeuwarden for the next six months.