Friday, May 9, 2008


I found this on another blog and just had to share. Art like this I can really appreciate - it's different, public and BIG! I love it. Must be the quirky side of me that it appeals to.

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra is back with a new environmental art project called ‘Art Eggcident’ in Leeuwarden, a city in the north of the Netherlands.

Several large eggs (each 100 feet wide) were spread on th Zaailand, one of the largest city squares in the Netherlands.

‘The eggs’ will remain in Leeuwarden for the next six months.


West End Bob said...

LOVE it - especially the aerial shots . . . .

Iván Barr said...

Haha! Interesting eggs.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Miguel Iván, I'm 27 and
I've been reading your blog for several minutes...
For me, it's been a great surpirse, to find a blog like yours. Initially, because of the song (Leonard Cohen's) and the Golden Compass' daemon (I really loved that movie). I'm moving to Van (from Mexico), and these days, I'm wonderin' about how that grey and lonely city can be so lovely. I've been there three times before (as a tourist). Now, my reality is so different (I'm going as a worker), but I must say, for me it is a big goal: I wanna find friends. Real friends, those kind of people you can walk around, give a hug, or just share time together. It is hard for me beacuse I am a gay man, but I do't believe in gender reivindications or that stuff, I'm a human being, and I'm just looking for a friend, in Vancouver.
I send my best wishes.
Keep in touch!

Gardenista said...

Interesting art! Wish we had some here. How interesting you were visiting my blog. I was just out visiting Sooke a few weeks ago. We thought it was a very nice community, though I suppose it would be hard to find alot of jobs there. We actually went to the Sooke potholes, which my husband thought were beautiful. There's a lot of construction going on up there now. It will probably look much nicer later in the summer.

Sorata said...

This is way cool! Visual art can really put a smile on my face. :D