Friday, June 27, 2008


So, a few weeks ago I decided to rid my face of the moustache I have had for quite some time. I believe the motivating factor materialized when I saw a recent picture of myself and thought "WHO is that old man???". Dixon had suggested that I color the moustache but I was not going to be bothered with having to do that every few weeks, so out came the clippers and in a matter of minutes it was gone. In my mind I not only shaved off the moustache but a few years from my appearance also.

WELL, tonight I am outside rinsing off Dixon's car while he is in the house changing from his work attire to more casual wear appropriate for car washing. As I am sitting on the front porch he appears and starts washing the car, like nothing is going on. Upon closer inspection I see that, while he was in the house, he shaved off HIS moustache, the one he says he has had since he was 17! It was like there was a stranger washing his car!!

I suppose if I can do it so can he. His reason was that it was getting too gray and he wanted a change. Well, fine with me, I'll get used to it.

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Canada Calling said...

I'd shave my legs if it made me look younger, but I'm leaving the moustache! :)