Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Something to discuss over coffee.

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks, especially to warm me up on a chilly day, and I found these coffee facts that I'd like to share.

* 23,000 cups of Coffee are consumed around the world every SECOND! That is more than 710 BILLION cups per year!

* Total retail sales of Coffee: $30 Billion in 1990 vs. $80 Billion today!

* 42 Coffee beans are needed to make a single shot of Espresso!

* Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the global market, after Oil!

* Drink 6 or more cups of Coffee per day and you cut your risk of Gout by 59%, according to Canadian scientists!

* A 10 year European study found that men who drink 3 or more cups of Coffee a day suffer less mental decline in old age than nondrinkers!

* Finnish scientists found that locals who drink 10 or more cups of Coffee a day were 84% less likely to develop Parkinson's disease than nondrinkers!

The World Barista Championship will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 19-22 this year.



Just returning your visit to my place. Nice spot you have here. However did you find me?

Adam said...

Hi Doug,
Enjoyed your blog, too. My partner's new job is in Toronto, otherwise we'd be waiting it out to move to Vancouver. That was the original goal. Snow will be fun for at least one season. Cheers! Adam (Canadian Boomdiada)

Armando said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog! Sorry my english! Your blog is very good... i like!!

The Mason said...

So, are you like me and find that your body adapts to the time of day when you're drinking your java? During the day it wakes me up and at night, actually helps me nod off - and NEVER a drop of decaf in sight. :-)