Saturday, November 24, 2007

Workin' it!

It is Saturday and I feel like someone put a tiger in my tank, so to speak. HA! We got a lot accomplished on Friday, including getting new BC plates for my car, and today we have, so far, cleared out the office so that we could set up Dixon's new computer desk. It's a neat little desk that we picked up on sale at RONA, which is a Canadian version of Home Depot except I like RONA a lot more. Whereas Home Depot is, to me, more contractor and tradesman friendly, RONA seems to be more consumer/DIYer friendly. They have a great selection of items to fix up and upgrade the home and I STILL have to explore their greenhouse. It looks fab from the outside and I am SO in need of some greenery inside the house. I just have to make sure that I buy things that the cat won't look at and lick her chops.

Anyway, the office is looking MUCH better and both of us now have our computers located in the same room. Prior to this when I was online Dixon was upstairs at the kitchen table with his wireless laptop and I felt like we were disconnected for hours at a time. Now we can browse online and compare notes side-by-side.

Not to toot my own horn, because that is now how this is meant, but today I turn 47 (ACK!) but have not received one call from anyone. I did receive cards from a previous co-worker and Dixon's Mom, which was great. Oh well, no big deal, really, it is just another day. BUT, I made reservations for us to go to Fuse Waterfront Grill tonight for dinner. Here is their web address We have been there a few times during previous visits to the Island and, at the moment, it is one of our favorite places for a nice dinner. Food is fantastic and service is ALWAYS with a smile.

So, with Thanksgiving over in the States I can now put myself in the mood for Christmas! I think it was an additional five boxes of Christmas items, plus a tree, that arrived Thursday in our batch of goods shipped to the house. In addition there were many boxes of Christmas items that came on the U-haul with us so I should be in really good shape to decorate the new house. We have many sets of lights and, with quite a few pine trees in the front garden, I am looking at options for ourdoor decorating. The only drawback is that we will be the only ones that see the outdoor decorations because we are so far off the main road. I am thinking of lights along our deck, which would be visible from across the harbor and out on the water. I'll post pics after I am done, for all to share in.

Today has started out very cloudy, with a chance for rain later, but looking out the office window now I see some breaks in the clouds over Washington State. With any luck some of that will work its' way to our side of the water!

Thanks for tuning in and keep us in your holiday thoughts!

Doug, and Dixon


West End Bound said...

Happy Birthday, and many more Doug!

We look forward to seeing your Christmas lighting display . . . .

Canada Calling said...

Happy Birthday! Rona is great! I hope your birthday dinner was wonderful.

Sorata said...

Found your blog through "Moving to Vancouver". Just want to say welcome to Vancouver, and those are gorgeous photos you took of the Pacific Ocean. Stunning!