Friday, November 16, 2007

Deja Vu!

Well, the rain has given us a break today, for a few hours, and WHAT am I doing??? Climbing on the roof to clean gutters and remove lumps of moss from the shingles, very similar to not-so-long ago in Wisconsin, except that was removing leaves. It seems that nobody has done that for quite some time, due to the level of crap that was in some of the gutters, and I would venture a guess that it was never done, seeing that the house is just 8 years old. There were things that looked like some sort of mutating giant slimy worm, long and black and shiny and as big around as a cigar. Thankfully these were plant material and not living organisms, otherwise Dixon would have found himself up the ladder instead! There were lumps of moss the size of tennis balls growing in some of the roof valleys and they were very easy to pluck and throw over the house to the garden area. What fun that was! I even placed some in areas I thought perhaps they would find hospitable to sustained growth. A giant ball of moss is actually a very beautiful thing if you take the time to examine it up close. It is made up of MANY slender bright green plants that, when seen together, look like a mossy green fuzzy orb. They are actually very cool and I felt bad for just tossing them over the house. But I am over that now. :o)
We were cleaning gutters for maybe two hours and, just as I was finishing up on the top roof, the rain drops started to come down ever so lightly. We scurried to get all the equipment put away in the shed and lo and behold - the rain never amounted to anything more than those few drops I felt on my head. Whew!

I've been spending quite a bit of time online lately, finding all sorts of interesting blogs that other people are posting, and someone else in the house seems to be getting a bit irritated at times. Well what else can I do - we are out in the forest with nothing closer than a half hour away so it's not like I can just zoom down the road a piece to do some window shopping. Although, the Sooke Christmas Craft Fair is this weekend, all local artists, and I SO want to check that out. I'll let you know how that goes, if it materializes.

Otherwise we continue to put things away and fine tune the house. We have to take my car for certification next week and then new plates, so we will both be happy when that is taken care of. Monday coming up we have another vet appointment for Sydney, just to get her blood checked to make sure she is doing fine on the new medication she started a few weeks ago. We are crossing our fingers that she will be, mainly because the pills are about one third the cost of the monthly injection she was receiving. Of course if she has to go back to the shots we will do that but she appears to be just fine with the new pills.

Well, that is about it for today's update. As I discover how to add things to this blog profile I will be doing so.

Thanks for tuning in and check back again!!


West End Bound said...

'Yo, Doug!

Glad you found our spot, and I'm glad to see yours. Quite a small world, after all, eh?

Especially like the link to Canada is Calling - Those two ladies are friends of mine. Have you met? Great gals!

Looks like you are settling in nicely. Hope all goes well!

West End Bound said...

PS: Congrats on closing on your WI house . . . . Don't think we'll be celebrating a closing for quite some time! (I actually grew up in Eau Claire 'til I got old enough to know better and got out of those winters!)

Canada Calling said...

Hey guys, great blog! Answered my questions from the email this AM. We are going Christmas Craft Fairing, as well. Metchosin is supposed to have a good one! Hope Sydney is doing well.

Canada Calling said...

Hey guys, my response to your email bounced back! Send me your email add'y/phone, etc.

L-girl said...

Hi Doug. Welcome to Canada!