Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The daily grind.

Well, here it is Wednesday and we have managed to get a few more things accomplished over the past few days. We now have one auto fully approved by BC province and outfitted with BC plates and all the proper insurance. It was a fairly easy process, once we had all the paperwork, and took the better part of a day, between getting it certified at Canadian Tire and then driving over to the insurance agent for finalization. Now we just have the other car to do and we'll be all set.

We did speak to a dear friend in the States and it turns out her boss and his partner are going to be in Vancouver for five days in early December, for a work conference. It turns out they would like to spend a day or two on Vancouver Island and have asked if they could stay at our place. Seeing that our ultimate goal is to have a B&B we said yes, figuring this would be a good test case to see how we handle people we don't know staying in our home. We have a two room suite with full bath on the first level that would more than accommodate them and we need to get that set up in the next few weeks before their arrival. We have also begun the job search so I'm not sure if we'd be here all day when they visit, or if one or both of us might be working full time by that point, but we can always delay starting a job I suppose, if we have to. I think this will be up for quite a bit of discussion over the next week or so.

We did a lot of shopping yesterday, to get things for the house to replace a lot of stuff that was not able to fit onto the moving truck for the drive out here. We still have quite a way to go before the house is to our liking but we are off to a good start with the basics, like a trash can. We do need an area rug and some blinds for the dining area, and fast, seeing that the sun just pours in during the day and we want to limit fading of floors/furniture. The issue that I am faced with is finding just the right decor for this place. I do NOT want to just get the first thing we find that will fit, regardless of how it fits in with our grand scheme of how this house will eventually look. Due to our location we are thinking a decor that fits in with this wild West Coast area and I would like things that are sophisticated and comfortable, without being pretentious. With the extensive garden I would like to carry a nature theme into the house in some way, be it wall decor or furnishings. I think we will stay away from modern shiny chrome and such and lean more toward the warmth of wood and natural materials.

Thanks for tuning in and check back for updates!


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Kathy said...

Douglas & Dixon,

You think you're computer challenged---this is the first time I bookmarked anything--it's probalby a good thing that retirement is near.

The site is GREAT,
Kathy Walker(in case you know more than one)