Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Okay, I usually don't post twice in one day, but I just found this and could NOT pass up the opportunity to share. Chuckle, get mad, or both - let me know.

"Your pet is a member of your family. So says the Palm Beach Community College.But your human domestic partner isn't.The pets of Palm Beach Community College employees will qualify for discounted group medical insurance beginning in January, but domestic partners are still barred from receiving similar benefits. School officials sent a memo last week explaining the new voluntary pet benefit available via payroll deduction through the private company Veterinary Pet Insurance. And it's not like the college's pet insurance scheme is restricted to just dogs and cats.Full-time college employees can receive a 5 percent discount on services because of the college's enrollment in the program, which covers dogs and cats, but also hedgehogs, frogs, guinea pigs, geckos, iguanas and sugar gliders - small flying mammals native to Australia. You can buy college sponsored health insurance for a frog. But your adult human partner? Well that's a different story..."


West End Bound said...

It's a screwed up world, isn't it?

BTW, is that adorable Lab yours?

Anonymous said...

What a crack up - in a pathetic sort of way!

Canada Calling said...

OMG, that is really sad! Cute pup.