Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, I saw something this morning that I had not seen for a few months....Killer Whales! I just happened to look through the telescope and spied the 6ft dorsal fin of a male slicing through the water then disappearing beneath the surface. He was headed West, toward the open sea, but most likely circling Vancouver Island. A few minutes later I spotted two females heading in the same direction so I am guessing it was one of the resident pods on a food excursion. There were a few fisherman out on the water at the time and I know when the whales go through the fish just scatter and hide, much to the dismay of the fisherman.

In the afternoon we went into town to do some errands and visited a few garden centers, looking for small plants to plant in the rocks of our retaining wall. Even though it is nice and sunny out there were not too many choices, yet, at the garden centers. I guess we are a bit too anxious. But we did chat with a cute guy at Garden Works on Old Island Highway so all was not lost. :o)

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oreneta said...

Ahoy indeed!

Nice animal posts. Glad to hear that these kind of mass migrations still go on in some places, mostly we read about them in the history books. It must have been absolutely amazing.