Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good news.

Well, after a long search for a family Doctor we finally found one, with the help of some friends! Today was my day for a physical, not my favorite activity to be sure, and to get the results of my blood lab work. On a slow steady march to the half-century mark my mind has been full of worst-case health scenarios, mainly because of so many cancer deaths in my family. Even though I never smoked I was concerned about growing up in a house with one parent that smoked and being exposed to second hand smoke. My tests have turned out completely fine and the Dr assures me that the second hand smoke think is really nothing to worry about. PSA test, for prostate health, was fine, as was cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and fat content. My blood sugar was a bit high so I have to now start an exercise program and get checked again in 6 months. The high reading is not enough to sound any alarm bells and she thinks exercise will get that under control, if there indeed is anything to control. My number was 6.1 with the high end of the normal range being 6.0.

I guess I'll be around for a while longer. Hopefully this clean West Coast living will give me an extra boost to make it to 95 or so.

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