Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Terrorism and me.

It's all over the news, and all over the planet, but I never thought an act of terrorism would affect me. I live a nice quiet life, minding my own business, no longer live in a large metropolitan area so I figured, somewhat subconsciously I suppose, that terrorism would not really impact me. That is until today.

I was at work going through some mail that had arrived over the last few days. It got a bit behind because I was busy the last few days running reports, which puts my day to day processes on hold temporarily. Being in the magazine business it is a given that with a large subscriber base from time to time I receive notices, or phone calls, that a subscriber has passed away and can I please remove them from our mailing. I offer my condolences, if it comes in via the phone, and a few clicks of the keyboard and it is done. Well, today I received a notice in the mail that a subscriber had passed away in November and can I please discontinue the mailings. There was a form letter that was sent by the executor of the estate along with a provincial death certificate copy from Quebec. As I'm reviewing the certificate I see that the gentleman died late November and the place of death was Mumbai, India. Things start clicking in my mind, I mention it to a co-worker, and after a quick Google search we discover that the gentleman was one of two Canadians killed in the bombings that took place November 26th in Mumbai, the other being his partner who was there with him. I am surmising that he subscribed to our magazine shortly before they left for India. We all just kind of paused, looked at each other and reflected a bit.

Since moving to the Victoria area so many people here seem to be connected to each other and I have heard on many occasion that it is a small world. With this latest happening I am inclined to believe that it IS indeed a small world. You just never know what is going to cross your path so keep an open mind to the possibilities and don't rule anything out.

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