Friday, October 24, 2008

Just out of sight...

I've been thinking lately about looking beyond my daily routine to discover new things, even small things, that make up this new place where I live. New climate, new geography, new COUNTRY! I've been working for about 2 1/2 months now and, although I love my ride to and from work each day, there are some spots along the route that have teased me with glimpses from the road of something grander, just out of sight. I decided to take my trusty digital camera and do some impromptu exploring during my commute. My discoveries are pictured below and why not try this out, take a peak at things that are just out of sight of your normal routine, yet oh so close. You just might be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

This view is just over a ridge, on a curve that I pass every day, but all I can see from the car are the distant mountains. This is what I can see if I venture 20 feet from the road.

As my route snakes down along the water, not too far from home, all I see is water sparkling through the trees as I pass. I pulled over, walked maybe 15 feet down to a rocky beach, and this is what I found - Anderson Cove.

Another view of Anderson Cove.

A view from another curve, just over a berm that is maybe 15 feet from the road. Usually all I see from the car is rock, dirt and the tops of some small trees. Imagine my surprise when I saw this lovely little marina in Becher Bay.

A close-up of the marina at Becher Bay.


West End Bob said...

Beautiful shots, Doug!

You should take "the road less travelled" more often . . . .

Canada Calling said...

Great shots and inspiring to do the same.