Friday, October 31, 2008

Just for fun.

I got this from a friend today and thought it so funny that I had to post it. We need a chuckle once in a while, especially these days, eh?


Mohamed Taher said...

Hello, I have a new blog (for and about new comers / immigrants to Canada); pl. leave a comment:
I have added your blog in my neighborhood (blog roll)!!! Will you reciprocate.
Best, MT

Mohamed Taher said...

Thanks for the bright light you brought to our Blog for new comers, with a positive message. We all immigrants need this-- positive attitude and from buddies like yourself--to keep up the spirits.

Your blog posts are very helpful in educating everyone. Keep up.

Btw, wonder if we can use the image (title: Canada looks better everyday). Whom should we approach for copyright or permission?
Best wishes

Ann said...

Cute!!! Also loved the photos that you posted, especially of Anderson Cove & Becher Bay.