Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy Day!

I just had to post a couple of things that happened today.

The first was at home this morning. I was just about ready to leave for work, the sky still not quite light with the morning, when I looked out the windows and spotted a flock of geese circling over Whiffen Spit. As I watched they rose higher in the air then appeared to be heading my way, gaining altitude to fly over the hill behind us and on to Victoria, so I surmised. WELL, as they got closer they went into landing mode and they were heading right for the house! I was not sure where they were landing because our yard slopes down a hill, away from the house, and there certainly is not any body of water on our property, something I thought attracted geese. I guess I was wrong because they landed in our lower yard, which grows wild with grasses and such, right next to our shed! I went to a side window, to get a better look, and sure enough, there they were, about 30 of them, just strutting about picking at the grasses and making some strange, cute sounding noises - noises that sounded way to delicate to eminate from a goose, which carry a bad reputation with me. After my initial amazement wore off I thought of how much comes out the other end of a goose, and that they were in an area frequented by us and the dog, so I decided they had to go. I went downstairs, turned on the outdoor light and opened the rear door from the garage. That was all it took and they were off in a flurry of wings and noise and back down to Whiffen Spit. Crisis and dirty shoes averted! My saving grace is that I saved a cute little lizard from certain death the day before as I moved it from in front of the garage door back to the garden, where it belongs.

Incident number two happened in the afternoon at work. My phone rang and I answered, as I usually do, and was greeted by the now quite familiar sounding friendly Canadian who announced that she had seen my blog, was from CBC Radio and wanted to ask me about how we handled the power outage that hit Vancouver Island on Sunday! I told our tale of woe, how we got cut off at The Spaghetti Factory, just as we were about to order, yet were cajoled with warm sour dough bread and tea & coffee. (how did they know I LOVE warm fresh bread??) Forty five minutes later we found the IMAX also without power and cancelling the evening movie. As a neighbor noted today our venture to see The Dark Knight turned into The Dark Night. (groan!) I have no idea if my horrible voice will show up on the radio and drive listeners to the competiton, but I did pass the interviewer off to a co-worker who has a much more colorful voice and who actually had a turkey in the oven at the time the lights went out.

So that is my day, so far. Don't forget to click the button on the left to Help the Animals. Thanks for tuning in.

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Sorata said...

That sounded like an eventful day. Sometimes, I guess, we all needed a crazy day for some excitement in life. :D