Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yup, got new sandals. First pair in my life, not counting flip-flops when I was a kid. Kinda strange having all that air whipping around open feet, but I like it.

Victoria Pride was a bit of a letdown. Maybe I am getting too old for that scene. We did meet up with some friends and it was great to see them. And it's always nice to get into the city.

Some tomatoes are turning red! Can't wait!!!

Caught the MJ memorial. I never was a huge fan but I do like the music, not so much the newer stuff tho, and I figured this is maybe a once-in-a-lifetime event so I recorded and watched later. It was interesting.

Would love to get to the all Cadillac show in Victoria this weekend. I'm not an Escalade fan but I do like the old classics.

Took the dog for a short walk tonight and on the way up the road to the house we spied a buck in the neighbor's yard, just standing in the bushes watching us. We paused a few moments and exchanged glances, then he was off, his fuzzy antlers disappearing into the greenery.

Trying to figure out how to bring in more money.

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oreneta said...

Let us know what you figure out, we'd all like to bring in a little more cash!