Saturday, July 4, 2009


First bee sting in my LIFE!


Fingernails hurt from gardening. Who knew?

No sunburn after 5+ hours outside.

Maybe on my legs. (no SPF there)

Grass is brown and brittle. No rain for 5+ weeks.

Even the weeds are stressing.

Gardens look fab, with daily watering.

Hey, I didn't put the gardens in, they came with the house.

50+ tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Quite a few HOT peppers too.

Getting psyched up for Pride Sunday. Might even get new sandals on the way into town.

Visit to the States is a month away! That is coming up FAST!

Feet hurt.
Fingernails hurt.
Freshly showered and feeling relaxed.
Off to bed.

1 comment:

oreneta said...

First bee sting in your life!!! Wow! You are lucky. I got stung a few weeks ago at work.

Hope you're feeling better anyway.