Friday, December 26, 2008

My random thoughts.

I must confess that I pilfered this idea from another blog. I thought I'd give it a shot.

My list of random thoughts.

1. Glad to be safe and warm at home, not trying to get through an airport or two.

2. The cat is snuggled up warm on the chair behind me.

3. Low key Christmas.

4. Anxious for rain to wash away the snow from the past week and a half.

5. Missing big family holiday gatherings.

6. Feeling guilty for missing three days of work lately due to snow and crappy roads.

7. Missing a car with winter Blizzak snow tires.

8. Do we NEED a 4WD vehicle for a few days each winter??

9. Glad the cat likes her Christmas treats and scarfs them down, something kind of unheard of from her.

10. I wish I had some seed catalogues to review on these cooler winter nights.

11. A wood burning stove might be nice.

12. I have more cookies to bake.

13. We should start upgrading our home lighting fixtures.

14. Will be glad to see my car up at the house tomorrow after a week at the nieghbors' below.

15. I wonder if family and friends in the US had a nice holiday.

16. I did a dang good job on Christmas dinner!

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