Monday, November 24, 2008

Fabulous holiday decor!

OK, this isn't totally my idea, but I thought it so clever/funny that I had to post it. I placed the items but it was my other half that pointed out the holiday side effect.

One of the most neglected areas for Christmas decorating has to be the inside of the loyal refrigerator. WELL, we seem to have solved that problem and I want to pass this handy tip along to the masses. If you want the inside of your fridge to bask in a lovely holiday glow each time you open the door, and thereby perhaps putting one in a better mood, just buy a couple of half gallons of cranberry juice and put them in from of the light. You'll be amazed and how lovely it makes even the most bah humbug of leftovers look and it's like looking at a giant glowing Christmas ruby each time you reach for something to gnash on. Laugh if you will but suffice it to say that the D&D household is a much happier place since grocery shopping this past Friday.

Thanks for tuning in to my handy household tips, and don't forget to click on the left to Help the Animals. I'm off to find cheap online DVD's in Canada, and bulk daffodil bulbs (I have a plan that will be stunning!).

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Damaris said...

These days I'm also busy in decorating my home for the holiday season.