Tuesday, November 25, 2008

B-day update.

Well, yesterday was my birthday, number 48 to be exact.

It was just a regular workday for me, BUT, I was treated to pizza for lunch, by a co-worker. I've been wanting to try MyChosen Pizza, because their exhaust vent air always smells SO GOOD! We got a regular with artichoke hearts, spinach, red onion, feta and parmesan cheeses. It was VERY good!

Last Saturday D and I were invited to the neighbor's, for a curry dinner. I had never had curry before and was looking forward to a new culinary experience. Jane, our neighbor, did a stupendous job and all the food was first rate! Don't ask me to list the dishes because I can't recall them, but they were delicious.

Sunday I was treated to dinner by my other half, D, at the new Thai place in Sooke - Nut Pop Thai. I've heard mixed reviews, ranging from great to not intense enough for one's palate. Having never had Thai I was excited and I found the food delicious, the staff fantastic and the ambiance very nice. I'm not sure if everyone would go for "We Are Family" as background music, but I was loving it. Reminded me of Robin Williams in The Birdcage.

Today I was treated to lunch at MyChosen Cafe, by my generous employer. The whole office went out, all seven of us, and the fish and chips I had was great. For a belated birthday I was awarded a grand slice of Skor chocolate toffee cheesecake, which just about put me into a food coma, it is THAT GOOD! This cafe has huge protions of food, is very reasonably priced and every time I have been there I have not been disappointed. I would highly recommend it if one is in the Victoria/Metchosen area. It's only about a half hour from downtown Victoria and well worth the drive.

Seeing that it was 50 degrees and sunny today I spent the afternoon planting some Spring Bulbs when I got home from work. I managed to get 40+ grape hyacinth bulbs in the ground and worked in some frisbee throwing for the dog too. That leaves me about 30 taller grape hyacinth varieties to plant but I have to find a spot that is protected from the wind off the ocean so they don't get blown over in the Spring.

That's about it for now - I have to go make supper. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to click on Help the Animals on the left side.

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West End Bob said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Doug!