Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Out of the blue we receive an e-mail on Sunday from a couple that own a coffee shop we used to frequent back in WI. It seems they were on a short vacation in Sequim, WA, just east of Port Angeles, and wanted to visit Victoria for a day and wanted to see us. So, despite Monday being the first workday of the week, we met them in Victoria after work and had a very nice 2.5 hour visit. We tried the food at Red Fish Blue Fish, (check their website!) right at the waterfront, and it was VERY good. If one didn't know any better they might just walk past this great little establishment, with it being in what appears to be an overseas cargo container and all. But, one would be most sorry for missing it and their wonderful seafood menu. It is all take away but they do have some waterfront seating available. They offer sustainable 100% Ocean Wise* seafood and an Earth friendly Reuse and Recycle system. Dixon and I each had the Grill Seared 'Thetis Queen' Tuna Sandwich with spicy spot prawn mayo, tartar, organic greens and pickled cucumbers. It was VERY good! Terry and Kerri each had Fish and Chips, I think, but I don't recall if they had Halibut, Salmon or Cod. All of us also sampled a side of Mushy Edamame (their version of Mushy Peas) and Tempura Pickles, which are dill pickle spears dipped in a tempura batter and deep fried. That sounds very odd but, with the dipping sauce, they are actually rather yummy. I know Dixon and I will be back to try other selections from their menu, us being seafood fanatics and all. We also wandered about downtown, checked out the Jade Shop and even had some dessert at Rogers Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe, all while enjoying another picture perfect sunset over the harbor, and perfect weather. I had a waffle cone with one scoop of Ultimate Chocolate and one scoop of Bananas Foster, my favorite combination! Kerry had the same but Dixon and Terri sat this one out. Their loss I guess. We then walked around the Inner Harbor and said our good byes as our visitors prepared to board the MV Coho for the ferry ride back to Port Angeles. This is the same ferry we are planning to take to Washington in about a month and we found out that US Customs does not allow you to bring DOG FOOD into the US from Canada!!! How positively absurd! Seeing that we are taking the pooch I guess we'll just have to buy some in the US when we get there. Crikeys!!

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West End Bob said...

Is that the place just about under the Tourist Information building? If so, "drf" and I ate there when we stayed in Victoria on our "trip to figure out where we'd end up" back in '05 . . . .