Friday, September 12, 2008

12 on the 12th.

I found a new thing on a blog, where you post 12 pictures from your daily routine on the 12th of the month. I thought it sounded like a fun kind of diversion so here goes. My only problem is they are not chronological and I could NOT get the dang things rearranged, so just deal with it. HAHA!

1. Me at my desk at work, just waiting for that phone to ring!

2. The veggie stand down the road from the office, which I pass every day on my walk to get the mail. I got a zucchini today for $1, and it is all organic stuff!

3. The view from our deck at work. It is a bit foggy on the water today so you can't see the mountains across the way, but they ARE there.

4. Dixon's suitcase, after he got home from a week of travel to the mainland for work.

5. Dishes all washed up! The dishwasher has not worked since we moved in and we can not figure out why. I can't wait until we get a new one!

6. First thing to do when I get up - feed the dog!!! She is SO patient.

7. MY usual breakfast - coffee with French Vanilla creamer and Honey Nut Cheerios. Hey, at least it's something!! Sometimes I indulge by adding an expensive banana to the cereal.

8. I glance out at the weather conditions before I get in the shower and figure out what outfit to wear today. Gee, fog again, but it will be sunny when I get to work.

9. On the drive to work. It is 20-25 minutes and I RARELY encounter another vehicle. If I do they are usually headed in the other direction. My kind of rush hour.

10. Well, here it is - my place of employment, nestled in the woods with beach access.

11. A beautiful sunset to end another good day!

12. Frying up some mushrooms to make an omelet for a late lunch, after Dixon got home from his travels.

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Sorata said...

Great 12 of 12! I forgot to do mine this month despite I set a reminder... :(

Love the driving while taking photo bit, but I guess in your case it's rather safe.