Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm just going to post some random tidbits from my life lately. Nothing profound I'm afraid.

Victoria Pride was fun, but kinda small, compared to what we were used to in the US. Then again the Victoria metro area is smaller than where we came from so that is probably to be expected. It was fun though!

Bard & Banker, the new pub/restaurant in Victoria is a very nice place to stop for a bite of lunch. The food was generous and very good, pricing was a good value and the decor and people watching is first rate.

We have not had rain here in East Sooke for weeks!! The fire hazard in our area is extreme so one has to be very careful. The reservoir that the area derives most of its' water from is still at 85% so we are told there are no worries. There is no rain in the forecast for the week.

We have been having morning ocean fog lately and today, Monday, it did not burn off/blow out of here until about 1pm. We've been told that is typical for the West Shore of Vancouver Island. It also gets rather windy at times, coming in off the ocean, so we just have to get used to that. That will play a major factor in adding to the gardens since we have little protection from the elements, aside from the inside of the greenhouse.

Speaking of greenhouse, our tomatoes are doing quite well with daily harvests now taking place, but just enough usually for supper. That seems to be changing due to the fact that I saw a LOT of red out there this morning when I was watering the little buggers. The cucumber plants are doing very well and I have to rig a system for them to cling onto and climb. I think I have maybe a week or two to get that accomplished.

We purchased a composting bin this past weekend and it is all assembled, made in Canada, thank you very much! I had a pile of debris composting in the lower yard, but, due to lack of rain, when I turned it this weekend I discovered that it is dry!! I suppose I will transfer some of that to the new bin and cross my fingers. The bin was purchased at Rona, if anyone is interested, from the garden center department.

We are getting ready for visitors in two weeks, Dixon's mother and her husband. Dixon took off the week they are here and I suspect he may have to do most of the entertaining during the day. More reasons for that in a future post.

We found that the magazine selection is MUCH better at Chapters in Victoria, on Douglas St. vs. Munro Books on Government St. Also, Murcheys Tea shop on Government St. is a good value for boxed flavored teas pr Dixon.

That's it for now. Thanks for tuning in.....

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Coffee Expert said...

Thanks for your comments over on the coffeecrew blog - We have been to the Bard and Banker twice - first time: Awesome. Second time - disaster. Cold and inappropriately cooked food. Ah well - growing pains.
Irish Times has been very consistent. I like the fact that their server folks are normal men and women - unlike Earls across the street - where the boys and girls do not even look real.