Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well, I don't believe it was supposed to do this here, but it has! Nothing like a snowfall to put one in the holiday mood, eh? It started snowing on Saturday, continued through the night and changed over to rain Sunday afternoon. We have received 1-2 inches of the heavy wet stuff but areas north of Victoria have much more. We've been hunkered down at the homestead, fearing any vehicular travel would result in sliding off the road because we are not sure of the locals' expertise and swiftness at removing the snow from the roadways. We were supposed to meet two gals today for coffee, comparing notes on our relocation to Canada, but we postponed due to the weather. We'll give it another shot next weekend. It seems there might be quite a few folks in the area that have moved from the US and I am anxious to find out!

We did have one casualty from the weather - a cute little Japanese Maple in the front garden. It was still full of leaves and apparently the weight of the snow was too much and it split three ways, almost down to the ground. It was Dixon's favorite in the garden but with a 2-3 foot split right down the trunk I really don't think we'll be able to repair damage to that extent. He has already said it has to be replaced and it is probably a $100 tree! Otherwise everything else looks fine. I'm praying that the snow melts off the greenhouse so it does not sustain any damage from the weight. I don't think it will, due to the heavy aluminum frame and double pane glass, but one never knows. At least it is covered by insurance.

On another note, I found the following online a while ago and Dixon and I just laughed out loud. How much more hypocritical can the US government BE??!!

"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin won a big endorsement in a parliamentary election on Sunday but the United States urged Moscow to investigate opposition charges of widespread fraud."

Well, that's it for now. I am now off to gather the Christmas decor boxes from the garage to take inventory of what actually made it here from the old house. 'Tis the season....

Thanks for tuning in, and Happy Holidays!


West End Bound said...

A winter wonderland it is!

You boys from Wisconsin should be able to handle it, though.

Have fun, and tell the Girls I said "Hi" when you do hook up . . . .

Canada Calling said...

I hope the greenhouse fares well! It isn't even winter yet and this has been our second snow within a week. Back to the work grind tomorrow. The puppies sure loved playing in the drifts!

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

The greenhouse came through just fine, thanks. And it is 54 degrees this morning and all the snow is GONE!!! Wonderful!!! Very windy now so we are hanging onto things and keeping an eye on the cat - she is only 6 pounds!! HA!