Sunday, March 28, 2010


OK, I just had to post an updated photo with corrected spelling. I laughed so hard when I drove by and saw that they had fixed the sign!

We met a new neighbour who is renting the house on 30 acres next to us. Apparently it had been abandoned for two years and the new renter is a local tradesman. We heard all kinds of stories about the building and he is going to be rehabbing it and bringing it up to code. Oy, not a job I would want!

All seedlings are now in the greenhouse and doing quite well. The cukes and spinach are doing particularly well with the tomatoes holding their own, so to speak. Work continues in the yard and gardens - is it EVER done? Me thinks not. I got a great idea book from a company that grows perennials and I now have all kinds of ideas and visions swirling in my head!

We visited a local building centre, to order a new front door, and I was astonished at the fabulous new selection of floor and wall tiles that they have! It struck me as being very European in style and more ideas/visions are filling my head. I NEED to win the lottery!

Things are great at work with a new project starting that will keep me VERY busy for 3-4 weeks, at least. The only bad news at work was that one of the little lambs in the owner's herd was killed and partially eaten by a cougar. Poor little guy. The local wildlife trackers were brought in with their bloodhounds but I don't know if anything has happened over the weekend.

I've been getting a few inquiries lately from friends in the US, asking what Canadian health care is really like. Of course this all is the result of the giant health care debate raging in the US. My take on Canadian health care is that for what we have needed it for and used it for we have had no problems at all. In a lot of respects it is quite a bit easier to use than what we had in the US and I don't think it is any more expensive. I just think there is a lot of negative press and false stories going around the US media and that really is a shame. Sounds like politics as usual to me.

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oreneta said...

Gardens never end which is lovely; nor do political lies which isn't so wonderful.

Glad the veggies are doing well.