Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can we revisit what used to be?

I find myself in a bit of turmoil these days. I recently found a feature on Facebook that lets' one search for people from a school and also pick a graduating year. This got my interest/curiosity and I plugged in the year I graduated from High School. (no specific year will be divulged in this post) I found a few people but not very many. Now, part of this is, I am sure, because my particular age group may not really get into FB. Another reason is that in my sophomore year I was in a auto accident, missed a semester, and was then tossed into whatever classes had openings in January. I was not a happy camper but was at the mercy of the public school system. That Fall, instead of going into Junior classes I was set back a year, to catch up, so was in with all sophomores. Ya with me so far? Anyway, while on FB doing the search I plugged in the year that graduated after me, which were the kids I spent my last two years of High School with. Well, lo and behold, I uncovered quite a few names, some of which were in a group that I hung out with and, truth be told, turned out to be the best friends of my entire school experience. After graduating I went into the 'real world' and didn't have any contact with them. Me being an only child and a bit lacking in social skills, even for an 18yr old, didn't really know how to keep in touch, something I still have relapses of to this day.

My predicament, if you can call it that, revolves around the fact that I asked two of them to be my friend on FB. I find myself wondering which way that will end up and if I should have even bothered. I have fond memories of those school years quite a while ago and ask myself what I really expect to happen??? Can we really go home again, even if for a short visit? I think we can, if we don't analyze the crap out of it. Or is that a bit too simple minded in this complex day and age? Maybe the past needs to stay in the past, not be dragged into the present kicking and screaming against all common sense.


MSEH said...

Sometimes it turns out well, sometimes not. Although, in this case you're past this point, in general I think you just have to decide - if it turns out crappy will it be too hurtful? Good luck!

BTW, one fb strategy is to send a message to say hello, without "friending," and see what develops. I tracked down someone I was friends with over 45 years ago. We exchanged a few messages and moved on. No harm, no foul.

oreneta said...

I know a bunch of people who found old friends and are happy they did. I have to confess I have masked my name and did not enter any school or work info. I don't want to be found. Nasty I know, but if we aren't still friends at this point, I don't want to be.