Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring? In January???

Late afternoon sun on the water. Clouds have since moved in. And Darkness.

Anderson Cove, which I pass on the way to and from work.

A broader view of Anderson Cove.

Morning sun through the trees as seen from my office window.

I think it is El Nino that is confusing Mother Nature. And this blog that has reversed my pictures!


West End Bob said...

Great pics,VID.

We've got daffodils blooming over here just in time for the winter "Owe-lympics" . . . .

oreneta said...

I love your drive to work, indeed I love the view from your office. What a lovely spot you've landed in. We too have been having most unusual winter weather.

Lynda said...

Hey no fair.. don't you live in Canada!!! and hasn't my husband always said he doesn't want to live there because of the winter... so I get Germany instead, where I haven't seen the sun since November 11th!

Nice pics.. and I LUUUURRRVVVEE the car in your header... my dream... one day. Only problem here is I couldn't drive it into a city... wouldn't get a 'green' sticker.