Friday, December 4, 2009

Am I missing out???

I am in a web surfing kinda mood tonight. Don't know why, it just happens. But not like that other thing that 'just happens'.

Anyway, it got me to thinking...I am finding folks that travel the world, move from one country to another like it's moving across town. I'm finding people, women mostly, with the most humorous writing style, sort of like stand up comedy. I want to write like that. It seems part of the style is making fun of the husband - I can do that. Misadventures of children? I have a dog and a cat that I can probably work with. I just found one woman who lives in a beach cottage by the sea in Australia and shops at IKEA. Hey, I live at the Pacific Ocean and there are THREE IKEAs, maybe four, within striking distance. See, how difficult can it be???

OK, gotta go think of some funny husband stories and see what the kids are up to.


Lynda said...

Hiya, Thanks for stopping by. Some gorgeous photos on your blog.
As for the humour that comes out in Expat blogs... it takes a lot of humour to pack up your whole life every few years, either that or go insane.
Usually (mainly because my husband is a very cool guy) I try to make fun of myself, it is easy really, because I am a bit of clutz.
4 IKEA's within striking distance, don't do it to yourself! IKEA is scary scary stuff!

oreneta said...

Ikea...the only options are humour or madness. Honestly.

christina said...

Hi there! I've been seeing your comments around and thought I'd drop by your blog. Lucky, lucky you to have ended up on Vancouver Island. I'm originally from Vancouver and attended the University of Victoria many moons ago so I know the island well and miss it a lot.