Friday, August 14, 2009


Herr Family Reunion, going strong.

The Steaming Cup coffee shop in downtown Waukesha, our old hangout.

Lunch with Janet, Matt and Linda.

I've been home for a few days now, back from a quick 5-day trip to the US for a family reunion. I had the chance to see some friends and family but visits were just way too short.

Quick observations:
(oh, I was in the Milwaukee, WI area)

Road construction EVERYWHERE!!
A lot of traffic and I forgot how fast people there drive.
So many still do not use turn signals.
Shopping strip malls popping up everywhere.
Saw a lot of rural farmland turned into strip malls and industrial parks.
I realized how much I miss Target stores. (mental memo to make trips to Seattle for long weekends of shopping)
Could not believe what I was seeing on the News, with regard to the town hall meetings about healthcare reform!

I had a wonderful time at our family reunion. Some new faces showed up, finally, from a long-lost portion of the family. They are adding to the family tree and will sending me the updates.

I had lunches and dinners with friends, and I got lots of good hugs. Someone even told me my teeth were really white!

Of course I had questions about the Canadian health care system, to which I replied that so far we like it just fine. And I'm guessing that a much higher percentage of the Canadian population is insured when compared to the US. (wink)

I've settled back into my routine, which is fine with me. I even got a surprise at home when I was directed to some new additions to the garden that were acquired while I was away - Black Eyed Susans, in full bloom, in the lower yard!


cls said...

A much closer Target store is at the Bellisfair Mall in Bellingham WA. Bellingham is about 20 kms from the border, which itself, is about a half hour drive from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal.

Curmudgeon said...

Oh for the love of beer brats! LOL! I spent about a decade in WI--miss the brats, but not the blizzards.