Tuesday, April 21, 2009


That was a close one!!!
Among all the things I am getting done today is LAUNDRY! The washer has been making funny noises for a couple of years now (don't laugh - it still works) and tonight it died. Or so I thought. I was in the next room when I sensed something not quite right. Too quiet - didn't hear the cycle finish - then heard a 'click' followed by a hummmmm. Opened the top- dead still with towels in sudsy water. Then noticed a burning smell in the area! I figured the motor finally burned out. Talked to the other half on the phone and resigned ourselves to the fact that we are appliance shopping this weekend, after I call and price shop, seeing that we are at least 30 minutes from a store. WELL, after a half hour I plugged it back in and away it went, continuing from where it had stopped. WHEW! Seems to be working fine now and burning smell is gone.

Also watered the new seedlings and plants tonight, did the dishes, made a pretty good crab pasta salad for dinner, played with the dog and watched a bit of TV. Oh yeah, was online too.

Getting psyched for lots of visitors in May - yippee!!!!

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cls said...

Is there a Sears outlet in Sooke? If there is you can order a washer from Sears (in person, catalogue or online) and it will be delivered for free to the outlet. There might be a small delivery fee to get it from the outlet to your place. This is how people on Mayne island do a lot of their appliance shopping.
Hope this is helpful.