Monday, August 18, 2008

Farmers Doug and Dixon.

Once upon a time there were these two city boys who up and moved not only to the country, but to the country in another country! They planned the move for years and finally found their dream house. They were so excited to move to the country and wanted to get started SO bad in the greenhouse that came with the new dream house, growin' some of their own food because it was too dang far to the store, and most of that stuff tasted like crap anyways. They gathered up some plastic pots that the previous owners left behind, filled them up with some cheap dirt and planted tomato seeds. Lo and behold, in a few months those two city fellers were eatin' 'maters with dinner every night! They figured they must have done something right so they bought some more cheap dirt and planted up seven cucumber seeds. Not six, not eight, but seven. Don't know why, that's just the way it turned out. Well, those seeds sprouted and started growin' REAL fine in that greenhouse and one day Dixon came a runnin' into the house, asking Doug if'n he was BLIND because he just saw a real big cucumber out in the greenhouse! Well, ole Doug just couldn't believe he missed counting something as big as Dixon described so he had to run out to see for hisself. Sho 'nuf, there on the vine was the prettiest little cucmber about six inches long and lookin' as happy as could be! Next thing you know old Jed's a millionaire...oops...wrong story. So now those two city fellers are thinkin' they are doin' something right and are waitin' to plant up some Brocolli for the fall. Guess that means back to the store for some more cheap dirt.

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Canada Calling said...

Great post!

MSEH said...

What a great post! And cool greenhouse, too!