Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Some Daffodils in a pot that the previous owners left for us.

Huge Pink Magnolia just about ready to bloom.

Fatsia Japonica!

Lenten Rose.

Spring has arrived on Vancouver Island. At least I think it has. We are still getting used to the season schedule here but it sure is nice to be able to get out into the garden and start exploring. I've stared at it all Winter and cleaned up a bit but I didn't really want to get into anything until I see what comes up this year. THEN I'll start reorganizing things and adding to the selection. We have about 200 Daffodils just about bursting into bloom (yes, I counted them) with colors ranging from bright yellow to a soft cream color. There are some strange looking blooms that appear to be some type of Hyacinth, just a short version, but they sure do smell good! I've counted about 20 rose bushes and most are bursting with new leaf growth. A couple look like they have seen better days. There are maybe a half dozen Rhododendrons, Hen and Chicks in the rock garden, Creeping Thyme, Rosemary, Holly, Fatsia Japonica (GORGEOUS!!), assorted Pine, Spruce and Cedar, a few Maple trees, 6 HUGE Butterfly bushes, two Magnolias and loads of others that I have yet to identify. All I know is that by moving to Zone 7 or 8 it sure has expanded the selection of things that I can put in the garden!! I've not seen any Peonies or Lilac so we are thinking of adding them. Enjoy the pictures!!


Cara said...

Could it be grape hyacinth that you have growing in your garden? They're early blooming and look like what you're describing.
One of these days I'll get back home to BC - Mayne Island to be exact - but in the mean time I'm dealing with 411 cm (that's 13 1/2 ft) of snow that's hit Ottawa this winter. (It's also a zone 5 which isn't great if you like to garden.)
I really like the photos you post of your garden. Thank you.

West End Bob said...

Great photos, Doug!

We envy you the potential of having lilacs - Since leaving Wisconsin, they're the plant I miss most . . . .

chey said...

Thanks so much for your generous comment on my blog!
I envy your climate on Vancouver Island...spring has definitely not yet arrived in the maritimes!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing!